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            Eliminate Custom Integrations

            A More Effective Healthcare Operating System

            Simplify healthcare with connected, streamlined data flows that power new capabilities, processes and experiences.


            Enable superior experiences for healthcare stakeholders through real-time data orchestration, access, insights and services. 

            Now healthcare organizations can accelerate their shift to digital without expensive custom integrations or the expense of ripping and replacing existing systems. The TriZetto? TranZform? Platform, the power behind the TranZform?, enables healthcare organizations to easily create meaning from the data locked in their systems to jumpstart efficiencies and innovation.

            The cloud-based TranZform Platform provides integration capabilities across a healthcare organization’s disparate cost, clinical and quality data sources and creates a real-time, integrated view of information for all stakeholders. We have pre-integrated the TranZform Platform with healthcare core administration systems, EMRs, labs, pharmacy and member data sources through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). By removing data silos, the TranZform Platform creates bidirectional data access that exposes relevant, actionable information in real-time to providers, payers and consumers for more informed decision making. The TranZform Platform improves ROI from existing systems; streamlines the technology stack; eliminates expensive batch customization, software upgrades and integration maintenance; and improves process efficiencies while reducing costs.


            TranZform? Platform

            An API-rich platform that delivers data from disparate systems to the portals, systems of engagement and other critical systems and applications in real time.

            TranZform? Analytics

            Predictive analytics that identifies members and patients across the spectrum of risk from high to low cost and utilization and supports innovative digital care plans for chronic and wellness offerings.

            TranZform? EngageProvider?

            Enables physicians and other care providers to access detailed information on their patients, efficiently log claims and make templates for common claims, as well as easily create referrals and authorizations.

            TranZform? EngageMember?

            Members may interact anytime, anywhere and receive a detailed view of their coverage information with compelling metrics, timely notifications and relevant healthcare content.

            TranZform? EngageConsumer?

            A personalized and guided shopping experience for selecting health insurance coverage.

            TranZform? Broker

            Enables brokers to manage multiple clients simultaneously, keeping tabs on coverage, billing and commissions payments all in one place.

            TranZform? Employer

            Empowers groups with real-time paperless health insurance enrollments for their employees. Employers can easily get quotes, add members, adjust enrollment periods and manage employee coverage.



            Business Process Services

            Services that offer meaningful, business outcomes.

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            Business Consulting

            Unparalleled healthcare business consulting expertise.

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            Next-Gen Technologies

            Leverage the power of next-generation technologies to build a stronger, agile business.

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            Infrastructure Services

            Services to manage your infrastructure so you can manage your business.

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            IT Professional Services

            Unrivaled resources and healthcare expertise to meet your IT business needs.

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            Services/Benefits Administration

            Software, technology, expertise and proven methodologies to help you manage your business more effectively.

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