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            Cognizant products and platforms make solving problems simpler, getting to market faster and growing your business easier.


            Quality engineering at speed and scale is our mantra. We believe that the entire lifecycle of a product—from idea inception through reliability and uptime—matters. Our developers and architects employ agile practices to combine full-stack software development with user-driven design. We focus on software development platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environments to ensure quality, cloud portability and security for every product. Our goal is to build the right software that meets your needs straightaway, with products that work smarter and faster.


            Digital Business
            Cognizant BigDecisions?

            Cognizant BigDecisions? is a comprehensive, cloud-based data lake and analytics solution that helps clients separate signal from noise to solve specific business problems. It ingests all kinds of data, from structured to unstructured and from batch to real time, and applies advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver insights.

            Digital Operations
            Cognizant Catalyst

            Cognizant Catalyst gives finance executives at large organizations a holistic view and unified control of their financial systems, which in turn enables best-in-class processes and the ability to extract insights to impact business outcomes, as well as reduces costs through the use of machine learning and automation.

            Life Sciences
            Cognizant Lab Insights

            Cognizant Lab Insights helps scientific labs lower risks and make better decisions by enabling the transition from a manual or electronic lab environment to an integrated digital platform. The platform features an architecture enabled by the internet of things (IoT) and advanced analytics, designed to promote process optimization.

            Cognizant Open Claims Audit

            Cognizant Open Claims Audit pre-screens claims submitted by an adjuster against best practices and carrier policies. It enables carriers to evaluate flagged files prior to closure and payment. Carriers can then correct errors to reduce financial leakage and drive process improvements with a comprehensive view of adjuster behaviors.

            Cognizant Optima Intake?

            Cognizant Optima Intake? automates the manual process of insurance document submission and intake. It ingests documents and files of any type, and applies rules-based analytics to the data in them to prioritize and improve the quality of submissions for underwriting or claims. By speeding submission time and improving the quality of the inbound information, insurers are able to reduce time to and improve accuracy of decisions.

            Cognizant Optima Medwise?

            Cognizant Optima Medwise? provides medical cost management for workers’ comp insurance claims. It compares claims against a massive knowledge base of existing cases and uses evidence-based treatment guidelines to stop up to 10% of claims leakage in this high-cost area. The product brings together medical necessity reviews, treatment plan control and a fail-safe framework for catching claims inconsistencies to eliminate non-essential medical services without compromising patient care.

            Cognizant Property Insights

            Cognizant Property Insights provides property damage estimates to claims managers and adjusters within five days of a catastrophe through an interactive, map-based dashboard. The SaaS-based claims solution has the ability to drill down from an event level summary to an individual property. Claims managers can gain a holistic view of damage severity in the impacted area and can drill down for additional data.

            Life Sciences
            Cognizant Protocol Creator

            Cognizant Protocol Creator reduces the time it takes to formulate critical trial protocols by simplifying this manual and time-intensive process with user-friendly authoring, built-in workflows and structured output.

            Cognizant Risk Profile Gateway

            Cognizant Risk Profile Gateway speeds the collection and delivery of the critical health information needed to create a life insurance policy by digitizing the entire process through its secure platform.

            Life Sciences
            Cognizant SmartTrials?

            Cognizant SmartTrials??provides real-time, proactive and?regulatory-compliant risk assessment and global trial oversight. With automated workflows, alerts, escalations and audit trails, trial teams can ensure “actionable outcomes” that lower risk while improving quality and compliance.


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            Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today's new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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